Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Completed Battle Sister Squad

I was "working from home" today, so that meant I got in a good amount of painting whilst keeping an eye on my emails and listening to podcasts. Kind of like work really, only I can't paint there. Anyway, I managed to get my first squad of Battle Sisters completed and here they are:

This is the Veteran Sister Superior armed with a Brazier of Holy Fire:

The squad has been done in the same colours as my already completed Canoness and Seraphim. These are colours of my an order of my own creation (one of the Order Minoris, hence the blog name), though I haven't settled on a final name or emblem for the order as yet. Each sister may well get the emblem painted on once I finally settle on what it is.

I actually quite enjoyed painting these, having loathed painting the Seraphim. I used drybrushing on these instead of the 12 layers I'd used on the Seraphim and it was much better, not to mention much quicker.

This squad isn't really finished, as the storm bolter armed sister will eventually get replaced with a heavy flamer, and there will be a rhino to go along with them. There's another two of these units in the army. I've worked out the rest of the army will set me back about £150 so I'll be working on it for a while yet....


BJ said...

I love the paint scheme and I think that brazier of fire looks awesome!

Daughters of the Emperor said...

awesome job! great color scheme and the fire looks great!

Artemi said...

...Wow. You and I have a very similar color scheme. Is yours based off the front of the Codex? That's where I got my idea to do Blood Red armor with parchment robes.

That look great, though! I don't have fire sculpted, though perhaps i shall try it.

Chris said...


It wasn't intentionally done as the same as the front of the Codex, but once I'd done the test model for the colour scheme it turned out that way. Must have been a subliminal influence :)

The actual armour colour is more of a burgundy rather than a blood red, the base is a 2:1 mix of Scab Red and Scorched Brown.