Thursday, 30 July 2009

My painting area

I know that posting painting area pictures was a fashion about 3 months ago in the blogosphere, but I've only just got round to photographing mine.

Anyway, this is my painting area with the Inquisitorial Torturer in progress:

Various boxes of bitz, minis is various states of assembly and painting, books, old White Dwarfs, Darth Vader's helmet etc. All up on a high shelf so little hands can't get hold of them.

At the end of every session, all paints, brushes, tools, glue, everything except the water pots, tiles and newspaper gets put back in this and locked up. Having two small inquisitive children, I don't really want them playing with my hobby knives.


oni said...

Was your Chinese Knot made by someone you know or purchased?

Chris said...

IIRC it was given to us once in a Chinese restaurant.