Thursday, 23 July 2009

Alternative Death Cult Assassin

This model is a conversion of an Amazonia Decurion from Urban Mammoth miniatures. I blogged a while ago about how good some of the UM minis would be for Inquisitorial armies, and this is my first attempt at a conversion between the two. She's going to be a Death Cult Assassin, which I don't intend to run in a list but I liked the model so much I had to paint one.

The conversion itself is just a simple weapon swap from the dual pistols the model is armed with as standard.

The paint job happened pretty quickly, it was done in less than a couple of hours, though it does show in a couple of places. The skin on the, erm, chest area is not that smooth. I'm fairly please with the red cloth though. I'm looking forward to painting more Urban Mammoth minis in future.

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Daughters of the Emperor said...

Awesome! that mini is a lot of fun and will look awesome sneaking around and killing your miniature enemies.