Thursday, 9 July 2009

Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines VS Orks

Just a quick summary of a battle I fought last night. I had been hoping to use my new list but my opponent only had 1000 points of Orks with him, so I had to drop down a little.

My hastily drawn up list:
Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime
7 Plague Marines, Champion with power fist, flamer, meltagun, rhino
7 Plague Marines, Champion with power fist, plasma gun, meltagun
7 Plague Marines, Champion with power fist, plasma gun, meltagun

..and my opponent:
Ghazghkull Thraka
Warboss with power klaw
4 Meganobs with power klaws
6 Nobz with big choppas
2 Trukks
1 Deff Dred
2 Killa Kans

This was a seize ground mission with the dawn of war setup.

The Ork list was brutally hard to kill. He rushed me with the trukk with the warboss and nobz in it, and destroyed my Rhino on turn one. I responded by bringing in all my Plague Marines and shooting 3 squads of them at them. This failed to kill them all, partly as he claimed a 5+ Inv save on them which looking again at his list (and the Ork codex) he shouldn't have had as he didn't have a painboy to give them Cybork bodies. I rushed them in assault and over the next couple of turns reduced them to one Nob and the warboss before my PMs died. My daemon prince finished them off.

Meanwhile, Ghazghkull and his meganobz rushed my Vindicator (which had blown up a trukk earlier). I backed off my two PM squads from them, knowing I had more chance of shooting them to pieces than in assault, and I was also hoping to get on an objective and hold it by turn 5. My shooting took about one Nob and they charged a PM squad. My Daemon Prince charged them in return. The Orks then slew the Plague Marines and the Daemon Prince, though Gazghull was down to one wound. My final Plague Marine squad was eventually caught and killed by the nobz and killa kans.

So the result was a loss for me. I did use some decent tactics, like I kept my units close together to support each other. Had I taken out the first Nob unit quicker (for example, had they not grown a mysterious Invulnerable save), I would have been in a stronger position to receive the attack of Ghazghkull and his Nobz. Still, lessons were learnt.

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