Saturday, 4 July 2009

Completed Nurgle Chosen Squad

I managed to get my Chosen squad finished last night, so here they are:

As you can see they are armed to the teeth with special weapons. They'll be a Rhino as well, and I'll be outflanking them to bring some pain.

This squad was a bit of a challenge, as I need to differentiate them from a "normal" CSM squad, but I didn't want to make them so Nurgly they looked like my Plague Marines. In the end, I went for some light kit bashing, mixing some of the Chaos mutation heads in there, a Bezerker champion head, and some green stuff work, such as the tentacle arms and legs, plus some rot and marks on the armour.

The paint job was a speed one really. Based Catachan Green, washed Thraka Green, drybrushed with Catachan Green and Rotting Flesh in increasing amounts. It then just remained to pick out the detail such as the shoulder pads, rusty weapons and so on.

So, another 7 painting points, and hopefully they'll be good on the table top.

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