Thursday, 23 June 2011

Malifaux: More stuff

I've been pretty neglectful recently of both the blog and the hobby, as I've started a new job at the end of April, and had a third son which as you can imagine has taken up a fair bit of time ;)

I'm on paternity leave for two weeks though so I'm back in the swing of things and putting more work into the Undertaker's Lot.

Flesh Construct:

I'm not a huge fan of the sculpt for this miniature, the head is just silly looking. It is however the single highest Soulstone cost model that Nicodem can summon so I wanted to include him as a nice meat shield.

Canine Remains:

I've just got the two of these so far, I might bump them up to a pack of 4. With the two, I plan on using them as free corpse counters.

Punk Zombies:

Nice models but the swords bend really easily. The flag on Johnny the Rotten as I'm calling him is a bit shaky but it looks OK from a distance (I nicked the idea for this off someone on the Wyrd forums, kudos to them).

Mindless Zombies:

The first two of 4, these are by Studio Miniatures. The zombies are modern ones, but I think I can pass them off as Malifaux zombies. I have zombie mob 4 as I thought it was the most "non-modern" of them but they've got loads of other cool zombies I was tempted by.