Thursday, 2 July 2009

Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines/Eldar Vs Dark Angels

After 10 days without hobby and without internet access whilst I was on holiday, it was good last night to get in a game.

This one was an unusual team up (forced on us by how many models people had bought): 500 points each of CSMs and Eldar Vs 1000 points of Dark Angels. This meant it was two players against one player.

My list was my normal 500 point list:
Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime
6 Plague Marines, 2 melta guns, rhino with a dozer blade

...and my team mate:
Farseer with Doom and Guide
10 Dire Avengers with Exarch and Blade Storm in a wave serpent

Our opponent:
Terminator Librarian
5 Deathwing Terminators
10 Tactical marines with missle launcher and plasma gun
10 Tactical marines with missle launcher and plasma gun
10 (or so) Veteran Dark Angels.

The mission was seize ground with 4 objectives using the Dawn of War setup.

Early turns:
The Dark Angels looked to have the advantage early on. CSM and Eldar shooting was ineffective and my Daemon Prince failed to turn up from deep strike. The Deathwing terminators struck close to the vindiciator but only managed to shake the crew. In return, all 5 got blade stormed to death by the Dire Avengers. My Plague Marines parked up on an objective to hold it but the Dark Angels clearly had strength in numbers.

Later turns:
The Dark Angels veterans destroyed the Plague Marines and Vindicator in close combat, leaving us with only one remaining troop choice. My rhino tank shocked them and luckily they broke. The Dire Avengers flew across the board in the wave serpent and destroyed the remains of a combat squad who were holding the DA's only objective. My Daemon Prince decided to turn up on turn 4 and just made it into close combat with 9 Space Marines, killing 5 in the first round and the remaining ones in the following turn. The game ended on turn 5 with us holding 1 objective to the Dark Angels none.

This was a really good game which I enjoyed. We had a good laugh at various points, alot of which was due to my appalling dice rolling. It's always easy to lament bad luck in battle as the bad luck sticks out and the good luck doesn't, but my rolling was atrocious throughout. For example:
-My Daemon Prince failed to turn up until turn 4, scattered so far he nearly went off the board, and then rolled really poorly in assault (3+ to hit on 5 dice, result was one hit). Luckily warptime gave me a reroll, but still I only hit 4 times.
-My vindicator was unlucky as well. The first turn the scatter was so large it missed everything, second turn it was shaken, third turn it hit 6 marines in area terrain and killed 1 (statistically I should have killed 2.46 marines), and then got destroyed on turn 4.

Hobby projects over the next week or so are to finish my Chosen (just need basing and some detail) and then start on a Battle Sister squad.


nihilio said...

How could a tank shocking rhino break some fearless DA veterans?

Chris said...

A Dark Angels Company Veteran Squad isn't fearless (Codex DA page 83). They just get "And they shall know no fear". We did double check to make sure they weren't fearless during the game.