Tuesday, 29 May 2012

40K: Saint Celestine

I've only had one chance to get a game in with Saint Celestine, and she wasn't painted then.  She did so well in that game, mauling some wounds off a Trygon and then cooking a huge pile of Hormagaunts, I thought she deserved a paint job.

I enjoyed painting this model alot, she's got a lot of detail, and a lot of character in the face.  I neglected to pin the cloak, a desicion I am probably going to regret in the future i.e. the first time I have to play on the bloody Realm of Battle boards they have a WHW with the hills that metal models slide down.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blood Bowl: Making my balls sticky

Couldn't resist that post title...

Anyway, when you're playing Blood Bowl, it well annoying when one of your models has the ball:

So you pick him up and the ball rolls of his base.  Especially true when you're using the old plastic ball from the 2nd Ed box like me.

With a bit of light hobby you can get it to do this:

As I mentioned the ball is plastic, so I drilled a hole into it and inserted a short piece of paper clip.  Next add this:

A small magnet to the bottom of the base.  The ball is light enough and the magnet strong enough to hold it through the base.  I've done my whole team like this, but you could quite quickly and easily do this for your main ball carriers.

This won't work with heavier, metal balls (I've tried), you'll need stronger magnets for that.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Malifaux: Ice Breaker Tournament Report

At the end of April, I played in a one day tournament at Harrogate Wargames Club. This was a 35SS, fixed faction event, played over four round.

I'll admit, I was pretty nervous about the day. I'd only signed up about 10 days before after my buddy hunter_b had told me about it, which didn't give me much time to prep. I got some stuff painted up (Belles and the Rogue Necromancy) and managed one practice game at the club against Steve's Leviticus crew (Steve smashed me 8-4). So with 7 games ever under my belt, I was a nervous as I didn't want to spoil anyone else's tournaments with my noob playstyle. The round were 90 minutes as well which I thought might cause me issues since I'm not the fastest Malifaux player in the world.

Anyway, on the day my fears proved unfounded, and I had a great time. The time limit never really proved to be an issue with most games getting to the end of turn 5 anyway.

This is how the games broke down, as far as I can re-call anyway:

Game 1- vs Lady Justice

This was against guildmonkee who is my local club henchman so it was a friendly face for the first game. It was shared destroy the evidence. He had a elite Lady J crew, with the Judge, Executioner, Samael Hopkins, Santiago Ortega and a Convict Gunslinger. I had Nico, grave spirit, BĂȘte Noir, some belles, couple of Crooked Men, 2 dogs and a punk zombie.

Nico was giving out paralysed like candy, which protected my crew alot, and I got 2 Flesh Constructs and a Rogue Necromancy summoned which kept Lady J busy. I didn't manage to destroy the evidence, but got both my schemes (hold out and bodyguard) and managed to kill Lady J will a belle on the last flip of the game.
Result - 4 - 2 win to me. Achieved the win I wanted to get, so happy days.

Game 2 - Vs Avatar Seamus
I was on table 4 now so I was punching above my weight. This was shared slaughter against Mike3838 from Musings of a Malifaux Noob, I took a similar crew to game, except I took a Hanged figuring I might get the negative twist on WP triggers on to Seamus. Didn't work, I lost pretty much everything except Nico at the end and Mike took the well deserved win.

Result - Loss, something like 5 - 3.

Game 3 - Vs The Vicktorias.
This was against my friend hunter_b on table 6 (of 7). This was shared treasure hunt.  Hunter_b got Von Schill to pick up the treasure turn 2 but he didn't move after that as he was paralysed or in melee. I had grudged Taelor which I got for 2, didn't get the Kill Protege which was my other one. Hunter_b got his eye for an eye scheme and 2 for carrying the treasure (irrc).

Result - Loss to me, 4 - 2 I think.

Game 4 - Vs Predita
This was shared reconnoiter, so I took a massive crew to spread out over the board. My opponent, Jamie,  took the Perdita family minus Abuela, plus an enslaved nephilim and the Executioner. I didn't play too well,  forgetting to Bolster Undead in the turn 5. That would have given me better chance to kill Perdita who was on 2 wound with no stones and in melee with a punk zombie. Didn't do it, punk zombie died. Final nail was on the last turn, I needed to flip a 3 or better to summon a model and deny my opponent one of her schemes. I flipped a 2.

Anyway, I got one scheme and 2 of 4 table quarters. Final result was a draw, 4 each.

Great event, I really enjoyed it and it was a good chance to get 4 games in a single day.  I ended up finishing 10th of 14 which was 4 places higher than I was expecting to finish.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Malifauxing like a fiend

It's been a while since my last update, but I've not been idle.  In fact, I've been pretty busy hobby wise, focussing alot on Malifaux (did a bit of 40K as well).  I've painted some stuff for my Nicodem crew, played 8 games in three, including a four game tournament and the first league game at the club.

First up then is the models.  I wanted to get some done ready for the tournament, mainly the Rotten Belles and the Rogue Necromancy, and I did the Hanged and Bete Noir ages ago and not got round to blogging them.

 A trio of Rotten Belles:

I bought these to go with my Molly crew, but they've found their way into every Nicodem list since then, they're just so useful as utility models.  One even managed to kill Lady Justice in melee which was a bonus.

The base inserts are from Fenris Games, and for Molly and her crew I've used these to represent the Quarantine Zone.

I release most people think Molly sucks, but her background is really cool, especially the stuff in book 3, which is why I wanted to get her.

Also originally for Molly, but he's made a few appearances, the Rogue Necromancy:

I didn't have a base insert big enough for him, so I had to sculpt the cobbles from Miliput for him, and they turned out pretty well:

The Rogue Necromancy is my summon of choice now if I have four counters for Nicodem.  He's made of glass, but he can destroy things if he gets close.  Even if he does die, chances are the other crew has had to spend a reasonable amount of AP of chopping through his 10 wounds so it's all good.

This lot I did ages ago, 2 Hanged and Bete Noir:

I've run the Hanged in 3 games now, and I'm not convinced.  I can see a place for them against living crews maybe, but I'm not sold.  I probably need a few more games with them I think.

More to come in future post on gaming.