Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Basing: Newspaper

This is something I've tried out yesterday on my new Mr Graves:

Looks pretty good I think and it couldn't have taken me less time.

Like all my good ideas, I nicked it from someone else, namely an entry in Wyrd's recent Rotten Harvest contest of a Zombicide Female Walker by Wren (you can see it here in fact).  I thought it would add a bit of extra interest to the street basing.

This was really easy to do:
1 - I did a google image search for old newspaper headlines and picked a suitable looking one.  Obviously avoid the ones that look too modern or say something like "Elvis is Dead" on them.  Mine says "Giant warehouse fire ravages city street" on it.
2 - Copied the image and pasted it into Word, then reduce it in size down to something suitable.  I wasn't sure on the exact size so I did three or four copies of it at different sizes.  Then I printed it out on the cheap printer paper we have at home.  This means the final result is not too thick.
3 - Cut out the one you want a position it on the base which I had already painted.  Crinkle it up as required, but be careful not to show the non-printed side.  I used super glue to attach it.
4 - I gave it a light coat of PVA here to strengthen it but I'm not sure that is really required.
5 - Finally a light wash of Gryphonne Sepia, particularly in the folds and you're done.

Really easy, took me about 5 minutes and it looks pretty good.

Here's a rubbish photo of the final Mr Graves that I took on my phone: