Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Inquisitor's Torturer

"Often the work of a Witch Hunter can only begun once their prey has been captured. Both information and repetance must be extracted from a victim, often in the depths of the torturers dungeon by the red-hot implements of his trade".
-Codex: Witch Hunters

Just a quick paint job on the Chirugeon from my Inquisitorial retinue. I've gone for a torturer for him, and given him a medieval look with the hood and apron:

The green stuff could have been a little bit smoother, I'm not much cop at smooth GS. The conversion as you can probably tell is based of an Empire Flagellant. I think the hood has come out a little bit like the Scarecrow from Batman Begins which is cool, on the other hand he does have a slight masked wrestler look to him.

The robe was done with Charadon Granite as a base which is a colour I don't actually think I've used before. I'm quite pleased with the colour, so I think I'll be using this one again.

In game a Chirugeon (which is the "type" of follower that the torturer is) allows the Inquisitor to ignore an unsaved wound per turn. Two of these guys allow him to ignore a wound that would otherwise cause instant death.

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