Thursday, 31 March 2011

Malifaux: Nicodem

Over the past couple of weeks, I've really been bitten by the Malifaux bug. I played a demo game with my local Wyrd henchmen and was really blown away by it.

I actually bought a crew second hand before Christmas, so I've finally now been motivated to paint it up. I love all things zombie, so The Resurrectionists, and particularly Nicodem was an obvious choice for me:

I had about 4 attempts at the vultures neck, and I'm still not 100% on it. I might have another go with it. I've got two more vulture totems to paint but I think I'm going to do their necks in more of a flesh tone.

One thing I like about Malifaux are all the cool bases. This particular model has one of the base inserts from Wyrd:

I'm going for a graveyard theme for this crew. What I was attempting on the tomb stone was a marble effect, which I'm reasonably happy with. I looked around on the Interwebs for some info on painting marble and the couple of sites I looked at recommended using a sponge to add the initial texture. I actually used a stippling brush for mine.

-I painted the whole stone Astronomicon Grey
-Washed with Gryphonne Sepia
-Stippled Codex Grey patches
-Stippled Fortress Grey patches to highlight
-Added thin lines of Fortress Grey to marble it.

The miniatures I've got left in this crew are:

-3 Crooked Men
-2 Vulture totems
-Grave Spirit
-2 Canine Remains
-Shafted markers
-Corpse Counters

I've also hoping to get a game or two in tonight.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Khorne Lord in Terminator Armour

This was my most generous gift from the UK Bootaz Secret Santa this year. I wanted to give him a paint job befitting his status as a marvellous gift and an eater of worlds. He's going to be my entry for a local painting contest which I've amazingly managed to finish two weeks early.

I think I've managed to nail down painting red now with this one after my earlier attempt on my Kabuki doll. The red was done farily simply:

-Base of two thinned coats of Mechrite Red
-Two washes with Devlan Mud
-Layer of Red Gore, working up through about 4-5 layers to Blood Red
-Blood Red and then adding Fiery Orange for the top end highlights.

I also used weathering powders for the first time to add the black dust to his feet and loin cloth. I used the Forge World ones, as they happen to be the ones I've got. I've used Black Soot on this model to represent dust from the ashen ground and just applied it with a dry brush

I didn't think I'd actually have time to get the model done, hence I went for a fairly basic (ie rubbish) base. In future I'll allow myself more time to do something better with the base. Long term, this will be a gaming piece anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to do anything that flash with it.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

RPG Play by Forum

I've now played in two Dark Heresy campaigns, one Deathwatch campaign and I'm currently GM'ing another Dark Heresy campaign. Play by forum can be very enjoyable, so I thought I'd share some tips with you based on my experience in case you ever want to run or take part in your own campaign. Obviously to do any of this you'll need a forum of your choice to do it on ;)

PBF takes time: When you're planning your campaign bear in mind it's going to take time. Alot of time. What you'd manage in a session or two face to face is going to take several months most likely. Our first DH campaign (Maggots in the Meat from the Games Master's Kit) ran between July and October to finish was should be doable in a single evening session. Be prepared for it to take time and plan for the long haul.

Get reliable players: When recruiting players or thinking of being a player yourself, think about the first point. Am I willing and able to run or play in this campaign for the amount of time required? Is it likely that real life stuff is going to get in the way of me playing? Obviously if something unexpected happens, or you have to go on holiday or something then these can be handled, but if you're just going to lose interest then don't bother starting.

Post often: One way your campaign will stagnate is if people aren't posting often to keep things moving. A lack of posting is going to slow stuff down, people will lose interest and things will fizzle out. My advice would be to look for people, or plan on posting yourself, who can post every 24 to 48 hours. This sounds like quite a commitment, but if you think of how many people have smart phones these days, it's not too arduous (Tapatalk is your friend by the way if you're forum playing by phone).

Fudge things: Let stuff slide and things happen without rolling to keep things interesting. Unless it's really vital or unavoidable don't let people die, no one wants to lose weeks of work and have to re-roll.

Don't enforce a posting order: Out of combat, things will slow down if you're all waiting on one guy to post. Let people post when they want when not in combat to keep things and the roleplaying flowing.

Don't be waiting on one player: Try and avoid situations where you're waiting on one person to do something or post. If the majority of players have decided on a course of action, go with it rather than waiting for a unanimous decision.

Have everything ready: If you're GM'ing have all your major posts planned out and ready to hand when you need them. Same thing for player character sheets, reference tables, NPC stats and so on. When you've got it to hand you can quickly copy and paste the next part of the post (especially if it's a long one) and you're away. I've found Google docs useful for this, so I carry all my major posts in one document that I can cut and paste from even when I'm using a mobile device like my iPod.

Credit for many of these insights is also due to Aaron from the Mystical Throne who has GM'ed two of the three campaigns I've played in. Many of these tips I learnt from him so go check his site out.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Blog neglect

I've been somewhat neglectful of the blog of late due to some real life stuff getting in the way of hobby time.

What I have managed to do since early February...

I got 30 Gnoblars painted up for my Ogre Kingdoms army:

I didn't really enjoy painting these things that much, I'm glad I don't play a horde army...

I went down to Warhammer World and got a big game in with the UK Freebootaz. 5K points per side on the custom made Tau table they've got down there. Farthestgoose on Adeptus Alcoholicus posted a short report on it as well. Those are my Sisters of Battle facing down his dreadnaught. I ended up on the losing side, but it was a great game all round and a good day as it usually is when the Bootaz get together.

Last week, I finally got round to playing Malifaux. Our local Wyrd henchman offered to come down to club night and run a demo so I jumped at the chance to try out my Nicodem crew. To be honest, I'm pretty much hooked on Malifaux now so expect so more stuff on that in future.

I've also been playing in play by forum Dark Heresy but I'll talk about that separately with some tips on what I've learnt. I've been spending a lot of time ready DH books and working on a campaign I'm running via a forum.