Monday, 27 July 2009

New stuff

I was my birthday yesterday, reaching another depressingly advanced age. I thought when I turned 30 that was the end of the world, looks pretty good now I'm 32....

Anyway, I got some new toys. I got an extra Chaos Rhino for my CSMs, and an Sister of Battle Immolator which I'll build as a Rhino for my recently completed first Battle Sisters squad. I also got a couple of Urban War starter sets (Gladiator and Triads) which are nice models I'm looking forward to painting. The best part was a Dremel style multi tool (basically a Draper version of it) which should be really useful for conversions and around the house.

In addition, I got a ticket to see "Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular". If you get the chance to see this, go. Life size dinosaurs = WIN. I went with my father-in-law and my oldest son who is 4. He was a little bit scared at the end, but on the whole he loved it too.

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jabberjabber said...

Happy belated birthday :)