Sunday, 24 May 2009

Two simple Battle Sister Conversions

I'm trying to get a ten woman squad of Sisters together in case I decide to take them to the upcoming 500 points doubles tournament. I was justing going to put them together as straight Sisters, no conversions, so I could get them done quickly, but once I got them out of the box I couldn't resist a bit of converting.

First up: flamer to melta. The standard box comes with one Sister with a flamer and one with a storm bolter. My evetual 1500 point list requires a melta and a heavy flamer in each squad. The heavy flamer model I will buy at a later date, but I thought I'd be able to convert the flamer over to a melta. Here's the result:

Pretty straight forward. I cut off the flamer tank thing from underneath the gun and drilled two holes for the tubing. The tubing is a guitar string, which is something I've not used before. They were cheap (£1.49 for 6 strings and 3 plectrums inc P+P from ebay). This one is a D string. I also filed of the flamer nozzles from around the barrel. Apart from that I just added some green stuff to resculpt some of the detail that was lost as I hacked off the flamer parts and to fill out the front nozzle.

Second, I decide to convert the Sister Superior. She is supplied with a plasma pistol and a chainsword (or possibly an eviscerator), which I can't see I'm ever going to choose. I decided to swap this for a Brazier of Holy Fire (basically a one shot flamer and CCW), and swap the plasma pistol for a bolter. Here she is:

The Brazier is built from Empire Flagellant parts, consisting of a spiked club and the brazier I cut off the top of one of the heads on those sprues. I drilled her hand through and glued the club apart half way in to leave room at the bottom and then attach the brazier to the top. The backpack is a backpack from a canoness which has a little tank on the back so I drilled this and attached another length of guitar string. Finally, I just added a little GS around the hole where the string met the tank.

The bolter looks a little weird in the picture as I had to cut of the bullets from the bottom to make it fit. I've re-attached them to the side of the weapon so it's more like a WW2 sten gun.

I'll be using alot more guitar string in future. Main thing I learnt from these two minis is to bend the string into the shape you want it before you glue it in. Other than that it is pretty easy to work with.

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Master Darksol said...

Well done on that Brazier of Holy Fire! It looks fantastic!