Thursday, 5 November 2009

Witch Hunter Army Progress So Far

I've been neglecting my Witch Hunters army these past couple of months whilst I concentrated on getting my Chaos Marines up to Apocalypse scale. As the modelling and conversion work is now done of those CSM's, I thought I'd take stock of where I was with my Witch Hunters. I've been working on this army for waaaay too long and it's not even a legal list yet. I'm aiming to get it to a legal status after Christmas. The things which have radically slowed me down are:

1- I paint really slowly
2- Sisters of Battle seem to take an age to paint, especially with the colour scheme I chose
3- The army costs a fortune. One Battle Sister squad in a Rhino is £40, and it doesn't even give me the special weapons I wanted

Here's some pictures of the army in it's current state:

I reckon it's probably about 1000 points or maybe a bit less (this is the list I'm working towards though I've done more models than I need for the list).

Canoness Sister Katherine the Pious and 2 squads of Seraphim.

Battle Sister squad and Rhino (here's some detail on the VSS conversion), along with a priest and Death Cult Assasin. There's an unpainted Eversor lurking in the background.

Inquisitor Lord Titus Flavian
and retinue.

I'm planning on adding another Battle Sister squad in a Rhino and an Exorcist post Christmas which will mean I'm only another BSS squad and Exorcist (and 3 Sisters with Heavy Flamers) short.

I was reading a good post over on Santa Cruz Warhammer earlier in the week about using Photoshop on pictures, so I followed some of the steps just for an experiment:

Just a test, but it looks quite cool. There's lots more effects available in Photoshop for me to play with in future.


BJ said...

They are looking good. I was thinking about trying out that photoshop article, yours looks good so I may just have to give it a try!

jabberjabber said...

I'm liking how these sisters are turning out! But you're right about the expense -- it is certainly enough to put me off even though I like the miniature range.