Tuesday, 3 November 2009

WIP Nurgle Doomsday Device

This is the complete build of my Doomsday Device for this weekends Apocalypse game. As you can see it's not painted yet, and probably won't be before then.

There's not much guidance on the Doomsday Device datasheet as to how big one of these things acutally is or even what it might look like. I guessed it must be pretty sizable, given it's a super heavy, AV14 all round and has 3 structure points. You can see I've included a Plague Marine to give you an idea of the magnitude:

Pretty monstrous. I wanted to give the idea of a giant cauldron of pus and filth which would erupt is a geyser of unplesantness once it was activated. I thought a cauldron on it's own would be too small so I've made it into a big cauldron on top of a Nurgly tower. The materials used are a sweet jar, a washing liquid ball, a ton of GS and milliput, some bitz, guitar wire and cocktail sticks.

I've got as far as undercoating it, though the undercoat looks like it needs a touch up in places:

Hopefully, it going to cause some serious devastation in the Apocalypse game.


Cawshis Clay said...

Ha! Awesome work! I love the Doomsday device. My friend fielded one and we all had to stop play (we had 3 apoc tables going!) to listen to his demands when he activated the device.

So make sure to really Chaos up your voice and make your demands ludicrous! That's half the fun of fielding the device!

Tristan said...

That thing looks evil!!

oni said...

Very interesting. I thought the big coffin looking thing GW made was rather bland, kudos for improving it. :)