Monday, 7 September 2009

Completed Sisters of Battle Rhino

I managed to find some painting time over the weekend to put the finishing touches to my Sisters of Battle rhino for my first completed sisters squad. Here it is:

It came out OK in the end. I started fairly poorly by cocking up the priming of the model with a new primer which seemed to go on watery then like tar which will teach me not to shake the can enough. The model is done with my standard SoB base mix of 2:1 Scab Red:Scorched Brown and then I drybrushed it with Scab Red and Red Gore to pick out the edges. I finished the upper most parts with a drybrush of Kommando Khaki which is the accent colour on the front which added a final highlight I was rather pleased with.

The turret with the sister in it is not glued in, should I ever feel the desire to run the vehicle as an Immolator I can put together the Immolator turret and place that on top.


RonSaikowski said...

Nice work, you don't see much along the lines of Sisters stuff these days.
Very nice.

jabberjabber said...

Very nice - I particularly like the writing on the front and sides of the vehicle - great touch.