Sunday, 15 November 2009

Eversor Assassin

After neglecting my Witch Hunters for so long, I decide to pick up the brush and start working on them again. I've had this Eversor assassin sat primed on my painting table since summer so he was a prime candidate:

The top photo has come out a bit blurry. Overall I'm reasonably pleased.

The skull helmet he's wearing was done using my new favourite method for painting bone. This was based using Astronomicon Grey. This was followed by a wash of Gryphonne Sepia which turns it into a very pale bone colour (I'm increasingly fond of Gryphonne Sepia). I put a Badab Black wash into the teeth and eye sockets to deepen the shading. Once this was all done, a quick highlight with Bleached Bone and he's done. I would think you could use a similar method for batch painting skeletons, spray them pale grey, wash and then drybrush Bleached Bone.

For the power sword, I did attempt to do some lightning effects on it, as has been shown in the last three White Dwarfs, but it just looked totally crap so I just went for a blue to black fade effect and then gloss varnished the blade. If anyone's got any tips for painting very thin, fine lines I'd love to hear them.

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