Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Urban Mammoth Miniatures

Not a new company I don't think, but I've only just found the Urban Mammoth miniatures range. They've got some lovely looking miniatures on the site to use as alternative 40K models. They've also got some snap fit terrain which would make nice Necromunda terrain.

Some examples (I can't link the pictures directly, they're java pop-ups in the online shop, but you can find all of them in the Urban Mammoth online store):

Junkers Convict Legionairres:
These would be sweet as Adeptus Arbites for Witch Hunters armies, or Necromunda.

Junkers Lictor:

Change the gun on this, you've got an Inquisitor.

Gladiator Myrmillo with flame thrower:
This one would make a nice Acolyte, or Warrior with flamer.

Amazonia Decurion:
Pure badass. Swap the guns for hand weapons, I'd say this would make a Death Cult Assassin.

Triad Boss Veteran:
This one is a possible Inquisitor, as is...

..the Triad Boss.

And how about these sumo guys as Crusaders:

This guy is called Konrad Borislav and has a pretty Inquisitorial or Commisar like air:
The prices are pretty good (round about a £5 for a single character model), but be aware they charge a £2.50 handling fee, plus postage on top.

If anyone's bought any minis from them, I'd love to hear about it. I may place an order myself over the next couple of days.

Edit: If you're looking to order some, you might save a bit by getting them from other suppliers rather than direct. Allsortsemporium on ebay has them, and doesn't charge a handling fee.


Master Darksol said...

Konrad looks awesome! He does look inquisitorial...

Anonymous said...

I've placed a few orders with UM on behalf of my club (we get a 25% discount) and they're great. You don't get much in the way of communication which made me nervous the first time, but there have been no problems at all.

I play their game but I also thought the same as you with Konrad, and used one of the VASA sergeants as an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with a Viridian sergeant as an Acolyte:

Chris said...

I've placed an order for the Amazonia Decurion, just cos I think the model is absolutely great. I'll post up some pics when I get it.

Chris said...


Thanks for the link, that's a great looking model. What's the actual UM game like?

Anonymous said...

It's brilliant, sort of a Necromunda-esque skirmish game, with rules that are pretty easy to pick up. It uses an integrated turn sequence where each player takes turns to activate one model at a time. It almost does away with armour saves completely (only the toughest units have one, and even then it ain't great) so you have to play with a lot of cover and learn to use it. There's a lot of psychology as well with suppression and morale mechanics. Overall, it's incredibly well-balanced, fast and brutal, and rewards good tactics.

If you're interested a wrote up a pretty detailed (read: long) introductory battle report here: