Friday, 6 March 2009

Modelling ideas for Inquisitorial Retinues: Acolytes and Sages

Continuing the theme of alternative models to use for Witch Hunter Inquisitor retinues:

The Acolyte (Interegator/Explicator/Notary):
These guys are Inquisitors in training, so re-using Inquisitor models could be a possibility. Both the WH and Coteaz boxes provide Acolyte models, with the WH being the better of the two in my opinion.

For the Acolyte in my retinue, I've based a conversion of the Warhammer Empire priest with hand weapon and shield.

You can read the details of what I did to this figure on an earlier post .

As for other models which would make nice Acolytes (or possibly even Inquisitors), the Necromunda range has a few like The Redeemer and some of Redemptionist gangers. The Redemptionist gang leader would also make a nice Inquisitor as well. The Kal Jericho special character would also look good as a Acolytle. With some additional conversion work, then some of the miniatures from the Mordheim range would be good, such as the two lead models in the Witch Hunters warband.

The Imperial Guard Missionaries would also make absolutely ideal Acolytes.

The Sage (Autosavant/Lexmechanic/Sister Dialogus/Calculus Logi):

These guys are responsible for assisting the Inquisitor in gathering and recording information, processing information, translating texts and so on (think Uber Aemos from the Eisenhorn novels). I think Adeptus Mechanicus models would look pretty awesome as sages, and there is a great looking Mechanicus army in the last issue (#8) of Firebase magazine. The minis used for that army were by conversions of models by Micro Art Studio and they look really good. Specifically they were the Iron Brotherhood models, which if you have a look on their site, the HTTP-05 models would look good as Mechanicus information gatherers (or the guy on wheels, though he'd be nice as a servitor as well). Bear in mind, that I don't think these alternative models would be tournament legal in an official GW tournament.

Similar models which would also work (and look a bit more combative) and the Techpriest Enginseers from the Imperial Guard range.

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