Friday, 20 March 2009

Nurgle Objective Markers Part 2

Following on from my earlier post, I've painted up my "Tree of Decay" Nurgle objective marker, and here's the finished result:

I'm really pleased with the outcome of this one. With the paint job, I was going for the look of intestines rising up from the ground, hence the grey-ish colour. It was an easy paint job to do:

-Black undercoat
-Astronomican Grey base coat
-2 washes of Devlan Mud
-Fortress Grey drybrush
-1:1 Fortress Grey and Skull White drybrush
-Skull White drybrush on the tips of the tentacles
-Glaze of Leviathan Purple on the tips of the tentacles

Both the modelling and painting method have worked out well and I am going to use them again in the future.

I've also started on my second objective marker, entitled "Arrival of the Great Unclean One":

Summoned Greater Daemons arrive in game by possessing the body of an Aspiring Champion which is what I've tried to capture here.

My inspiration for this came partly from around the FtW blogosphere:

1- The rock he's lying on is a bit of bark chipping from the garden, idea courtesy of Ron over at From the Warp
2- The fallen marine idea I robbed from Cawshis Clay from Adepticus Prime and his really nice fallen terminator objective. I didn't think Chaos Space Marines would bother going back for a fallen solider, but I liked the idea of modelling something like this
3- The CSM Codex has a piece of fiction (page 62-63) of the arrival from the warp of a Keeper of Secrets and it says the aspiring champion "gorily exploded with shards of armour and bone scattering across the rocky ground". Sounds gross, so I had to make this :D

The model was easy enough to do:

-The leaning "stone" (bark chip) was PVA glued to the base
-The CSM, which is a pretty old model, had his feet cut abit so he looked like he was lying down rather than standing. I then put a pin through from the bark, through the backpack and into the body and glued it all together.
-The arm was pinned into place. The arm is from the Chaos Spawn box.
-Green stuff was then applied. He's robed and modelled in the same way as the rest of the my CSM force. I added some green stuff guts and gribbly bits.

More pics once he's painted up.


jabberjabber said...

I reckon that your objective markers could double up in an apocalypse game for a Warp Rift marker - great work!

Cawshis Clay said...

Hot damn! That is really cool! I love the pose and I'm really impressed with how much detail you fit into such a tiny space!

King Mob said...

The emerging daemon is great - I was thinking of doing something similar for my Exorcists as if they had to get to the daemon/marker before it fully emerged.

This should look great painted up.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

To be honest, the grey didnt do anything for me. A green or brown wash might have kicked it from ok, to "pretty cool" for me. It just seemed too flat to me.

However, I cant wait to see the exploding chaos marine painted. :)

J. Christopher Campbell said...

Okay I see your inspiration now. Disregard my other comment/question.