Friday, 27 March 2009

Nurgle objective markers part 3

Here's some pictures of my completed objective marker "The Arrival of the Great Unclean One":

I think I've managed to achieve a sufficiently unpleasant look to the innards on this one. They were done without about 10 different layers of colours, as I was struggling to achieve the look I was after. Once I'd got a reasonable gut colour, the model still didn't look like a daemon was bursting out of it, so I went heavy on the blood splatters. They were done using 1:1 Blood Red/Chaos Black (very thin) and applying this more heavily were the blood would be thickest, such as at the base of the arm. The splatters were added and then another layer of the mix was added in the centre of the splatter to darker it. For good measure, I used some Chestnut Ink on the deepest gory bits, like where the arm meets in the innards. Finally, I glossed them all with 'Ardcoat which really sets them off.

My final objective marker is just a simple weapons dump which isn't quite finished yet, but I'll post pics when its done.

I've enjoyed doing these Nurgle conversions so much I think my next project may be a Nurgle Sorcerer using a AOBR Terminator. Or it may be the Inquisitor I was planning. Or both :)


The 25mm Warrior said...

That is real dynamic looking. His face has the feel of suffering and rage and the shading is nicely done... Bravo!

King Mob said...


Ryan said...

Very nice looking!

jabberjabber said...

Very Nurgle and great job! I feel inspired by your work!

J. Christopher Campbell said...

Great looking work. I was just curious as to what this marker would be used for? I play Nurgle and, of course, realize what the piece is representing, but when might it be used? Just curious.