Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Modelling ideas for Inquisitorial Retinues: Penitents and Chirugeons

To complete my series on the theme of alternative models to use for WH Inquisitor retinues:

The Penitent (Bound Psyker/Penitent Witch/Pariah):
The current IG range have some OK psyker models, but they don't really look bound enough for an Inquisitor. The penitent is a dangerous psyker who has been captured by the Inquisitor and bound as a punishment for thier crimes, so they need to look both dangerous and punished.

I'm struggling with models for this one, so I'd welcome suggestions. One possibility might be the human that is strapped to the front of a Penitent Engine (I think you get two with the kit so you might have one spare), attached to some kind of frame. The WH hunters rule book has some example in the back but I really don't like them that much.

The Chirugeon (Torturer/Excoriator/Sister Hospitaller):
Once the Inquisitor has captured his prey, these guys use their abilities to extract information from the suspect. For a torturer/excoriator (excoriate means to strip skin, in case you were wondering), you could do something like Narg the Torturer. He's basically hooded, and with some green stuff work, I think you could quite easliy do this using a GW Empire Flagellant as a base. Use the flagellant as a base and add the hood using green stuff. There are various flames, sticks and other weapons on the sprue that could be used as weapons for the torturer. I'm planning on doing this for my torturer, adding a brazier of hot coals to the base and having the model carrying a red hot poker. I've used the Empire flagellants before as the basis for a WH priest, and they're a really good source of bits for WH conversions.

So these are some ideas for alternative models and conversion project for Inquisitors. Any more suggestions, then I'd love to hear them.

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