Thursday, 19 March 2009

New White Dwarf contents UK 352

The new White Dwarf arrived yesterday (I subscribe, and yes, it is a waste of money). This is UK WD352 and here's a heads up on the contents:

-Cover: War of the Ring
-Preview of new LOTR minis
-War of the Ring design notes
-Liber Apocalyptica for 40K has a Shadowsword data sheet (Shadowsword domination force and the Iron Saint which a Steel Legion Shadowsword)
-Collecting Fantasy Lizardmen part 2
-Dave Andrews and Jeremy Vetock on a Warhammer Campaign they're running
-War of the Ring battle report
-Painting an Ork Stompa
-John Blanche's favourite miniatures
-Painting workshop on army painting
-Army Masters: Wade Pryce's World Eaters (double page of photos of this cool looking army)
-Modelling workshop: War of the Ring Terrain

Plus the usual store catalog (why we need that every month is beyond me) and events diary.

Plenty for LOTR fans, not much for anyone else.


jabberjabber said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for the review mate! Sounds like I might give this months white dwarf a bit of a miss, having not played LotR in a long long time :)

Chris said...

Yep, 40k wise I guess the data sheets will eventually end up on the GW website anyway.