Monday, 15 September 2008

Inquisitorial Acolyte

As promised, here is the second (yes, only two) painted model in my WH army. Its an acolyte for my forthcoming and as yet unbuilt, Inquisitor.

The acolyte is based on the Empire Priest with hand weapon and shield. His shield arm was removed and replaced with a new arm (actually from the Empire flagellant sprue) and a bolter added. I also added some green stuff hair and a targeter eye, also from GS, to 40k him up a bit. The right arm, I removed the hammer and replaced it with a samurai spear from the 70s (from my Dad's airfix days) and the board with the scroll is from the flagellant sprue as well. The banner isn't actually finished in the photo, I'm going to make it look like an Inquisitoral mandate or scoll.

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