Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Simple Battle Sister Conversions

One of the major drawbacks of playing Witch Hunters is that Sisters of Battle are a) expensive b) metal and c) have fairly limited poses. This means that conversion possibilities are fairly limited with the basic Battle Sister boxed set, but there are a few things I've been doing to add some conversions in, add a small amount of variety and, most importantly, save some cash.

The basic BSS box comes with 7 standard sisters, one with a flamer, one with a storm bolter and a veteran sister superior armed with a plasma pistol and a chainsword/eviscerator. My army list requires one with a melta gun, one with a heavy flamer and one veteran with a bolter and the Book of St Lucius which is not what the box comes with.

Firstly, here's a simple conversion of a flamer sister into a meltagun toting sister:

This is actually a conversion I've done before, only this time I decided to leave off the tubing underneath the gun. It's just a case of removing the flame cannister from underneath the gun and filing off the flamer tubing round the barrel. Once that's done, just bulk out the nozzle with green stuff and you're done.

Continuing with the special weapon theme, here's a sister armed with a heavy flamer:

This pose is about the only one where it's possible to do weapon swaps without destroying the whole model. I've swapped her bolter for a heavy flamer taken from an Immolator and cut down a bit. I've added some tanks to her back (from a Cadian) and linked the heavy flamer and the tanks using guitar string. It's not the best conversion, as the heavy flamer is a little over balanced, but as this one is going to save me £9 (the price of one, yes one, sister with a heavy flamer) I can live with it.

Finally, here's my VSS:

This one is a simpe weapon swap from the plasma pistol to a bolter, and replacing the other hand with a hand holding a book. The book I used is taken from an Empire priest (I'd previously used the priest model as an Inquisitorial acolyte) which is handy as the hand on the book is a left hand. Alternatively, the canoness model comes with a hand holding a book, though its a right hand so a little work will be needed to move the thumb over.

All in all, these conversion save me some cash (though I've now lost an ordinary sister to be the heavy flamer sister), and add some variation to my squads.

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jabberjabber said...

I like the flamer to meltagun conversion. The heavy flamer is almost as large as the sister - very intimidating!