Tuesday, 19 January 2010

No prizes for guessing what I'm working on

Here's my painting desk as of last night:

Guess what I'm working on currently...

The club hosting one of the heats for the a regional tournament. We need ten tables doing, and really we've got enough terrain already to cover all ten. We've had these Cities of Death buildings sitting around for a good while already built (thanks for a kind donation) so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to get them based up and painted.

They're pretty standard stuff really. The paint scheme will be more of an adandoned outpost scheme rather than a ruined city as most of our tables are grass so it'll fit in with them a bit better.

The only one I've gone a bit further on is the large one in the foreground. I wanted this one to look a bit more like it had been used as a base camp or something like that. It's got a wall of crates on one side (providing cover for models), I've also added a ladder. The white area on the ground is going to be mud where people were standing looking over the barricade. I've stamped foot prints into the filler to create a churned up mud effect. Hopefully it'll look more muddy once it's painted.


jabberjabber said...

The stamped footprints are a great idea! Good luck with the painting!

Chris said...

Cheers, they're all primed now. I'll probably only get one done myself and have to pass the rest on to other people. I've also got some trees to base now and some objective markers to make.