Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Wrecked vehicle marker

Ever since I saw these over at Santa Cruz Warhammer I wanted to make one. Over Christmas I got a few of the little electric candle things required for it as they were on sale for Christmas decorations, each one cost me 50p. You can read the method for yourself over on Santa Cruz Warhammer, but I definitely recommend making one of these, they're super cheap, super easy and super quick to make. What could be cooler than flickering lights on your tanks?

Here's a slight grainy picture of it in action:


Tristan said...

Wow thanks for posting this. I dunno how I missed this at santa cruz. Awesome!

scdarkangel said...

looks good, I also bought up a bunch of these after the holidays at a great price. I was wondering if anyone else ever gave it a try. Thanks for the link,

Santa Cruz Warhammer