Thursday, 21 January 2010

Battle Report: Chaos Vs Chaos

I played a game last night at the club, helping one of the other club members warm up for a forthcoming tournament. I've played him a few times before, and it's always a good game. He runs an all Nurgle Chaos Space Marines army which is pretty similar to my own.

It was an 1800 point battle, capture and control with the dawn of war setup.

His list:
DP, MoN, wings, warptime
DP, MoN, wings, Nurgle's Rot

4 Terminators, 3 combi-meltas, reaper AC, chainfist

7 Plague Marines, AC with PF, 2 melta guns, rhino
7 Plague Marines, AC with PF, 2 melta guns, rhino
7 Plague Marines, AC with PF, 2 plasma guns, rhino

3 Obliterators
Defiler with one extra CCW
Defiler with one extra CCW

My list was the usual mish mash of stuff, manly built around stuff I either like or find entertaining. As it was a larger points value I threw in a couple of other units than my usual list. I took:

DP, MoN, wings, Warptime
Sorcerer, MoS, Lash of Submission

Dreadnought with multi-melta
6 Chosen, Icon of Chaos Glory, 3 flamers, 2 meltas, rhino

7 Plague Marines, AC with PF, flamer, melta, rhino, personal icon
7 Plague Marines, AC with PF, flamer, plasma gun, personal icon
7 Plague Marines, AC with PF, flamer, plasma gun, personal icon
17 summoned lesser daemons


I threw in the lesser daemons and lash sorcerer to try them out really and see how they did, as I'm thinking with using them in a tournament myself.

He won the roll to go first, and chose to go second. I deployed my lash sorcerer and a squad of PMs in cover on my objective. He deployed the Nurgle's Rot DP and some PM's on his objective.

Turn one I rolled everything else on (Chosen were outflanking), but there was no shooting as I couldn't see anything. He rolled on two rhinos with PM's and the obliterators in the centre along with the warptime DP, and the two Defilers opposite my objective. The obliterators started the game by blowing up the vindicator with their lascannons despite my smoke launchers.

Mid-turns, I started to come around from this set back. My Defiler dropped a battle cannon blast on the Obliterators and instant killed two of them, effectively neutralizing them in the game. My Chosen arrived on the flank near to his objective and summoned the lesser daemons, before jumping out and shooting a wound of a DP on his objective . My opponent responded by moving his Rhinos full of Plague Marines towards his objective in support. This was a mistake as effectively there was no pressure on my objective. In the centre my dreadnought and Defiler advanced towards his objective.

On the other flank, he killed 4 Plague Marines with a battle cannon shot, whilst my Daemon Prince ripped apart one of his Defilers. Meanwhile, the 4 terminators arrived to try and destroy my defiler with their combi-meltas in the rear of the thing. They failed and were destroyed in the following turn by the Plague Marines.

In the late game, my Daemon Prince rolled the other Defiler over and then moved on towards his objective, killing the last Obliterator on the way. My lesser daemons and Chosen were attacked by both his Daemon Princes. The lesser daemons showed their worth by killing one of the Daemon Princes (mainly due to him failing three out of four 3+ saves), and tieing the other one up for several turns. My Defiler got bogged down in combat with 2 units of Plague Marines, whilst he can kill them quite well, he only has a few attacks.

The game ended in a draw on turn 5. If it had gone to turn 6 I think I could have won it, as I had my Defiler, dread and Daemon Prince closing in on his objective. However, it was not to be and a throughly enjoyable game ended in a draw.

Looking at my list, I know well enough it's not exactly tuned to the highest degree, but it's got units I like. Of the two new units, the lash sorcerer was pretty useless as for most of the game their were no non-vehicle units in range so he was wasted. My lesser daemons did well, I think the daemon bomb of 17 turning up at once caused a big enough distraction to drag two very scary units into a protracted combat.

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