Friday, 29 January 2010

Administratum Building

I've been working hard on club terrain pieces I've completed in the last week or so, and this is the first and largest of them:

The boxes at the front were from the club collection and are made of plaster, so I'm not sure how hard wearing they'll be.

I used a couple of ideas from White Dwarf on this (who says it's useless...).

One of them was from a terrain masterclass from a couple of months ago showing the Warhammer coaching inn. In that muddy hoof prints had been added, which I thought was a great idea. For this piece I wanted to give it the feel that it had been used as a temporary refuge by a small group of people, so I added some muddy foot prints behind the barricade:

This was easy to do. After I'd spread filler over the base, I took a disembodied Space Marine foot and stamped prints into it. To paint it, it was done with Calthan Brown, washed with Brown Ink (not Devlan Mud, I wanted the sheen of the ink) and then drybrushed with the household paint I'd used for the rest of the base.

Here's some of the side detail, shown as Battle Sisters from the Order of the Wounded Heart advance cautiously past it:


Warhammer 39,999 said...

That 40k terrain always looks amazing. I do like your method of adding footprints though.

In the past, I took the time to cut out little treadmarks in the bottom of the foot before performing a similar trick. I figure they'd have to have some sort of traction, right?

Chris said...

That's a good point, I'd not thought of adding some tread to the foot prints. I definitely do that next time.

jabberjabber said...

Great job mate! And very good use of the foot trick. The painting scheme really gives a gothic feel as well.

(PS: I think you've got some spam in the comment above mine)

Chris said...

Yeah, bloody spammers. I've deleted it.