Thursday, 14 January 2010

Goodbye Inquisition?

Bell of Lost Souls was reporting earlier this week that Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters were being pulled from GW shelves and inventory. I've spent a long time working on my Witch Hunters army (even though its still small), so this is potentially either sad news or great news.

The Inquisition armies are some of my favourite in 40K, as I think they have great background and some great miniatures. I can't really comment too much on DH minis, as I'm more of a WH man, but the majority of WH miniatures have been direct only for quite some time, so maybe this withdrawal from the shops is just a continuation of that. Most of the minis still seem to be on the GW site (at least the UK site), but I can not longer see the Battle Sister squad box which was the mainstay purchase for a WH army.

What's the reason for this? A few spring to mind:

1-Inquisition armies are finished, gone the way of the Squat and the Zoat.

2-Inquisition armies are getting a new Codex. This is possible, the Codex are some of the older ones, but there's been few rumours about a new Codex for Inquisition armies whereas Dark Eldar are strongly rumoured for this year. I guess if one is coming, then it'll be post DE so perhaps late '10 to 2011. Another possible I suppose is a "get you by" list like Warriors of Chaos got after Daemons came out, or Blood Angels. Not a perfect solution but better than the first one.

3-It's just part of GW changing the inventory round, and nothing to worry about.

4-Inquisition could go over to be Forge World army, meaning it'll be even more expensive and potentially tournament limiting.

Whatever the reason, I really hope it isn't the first one of these scenarios....

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Generic Minis said...

I just don't see how they could retire WH and DH. The characters are so much a part of the 40k universe. It also seems weird to me that Dark Eldar would be done before the Inquisition. I see sooooo many more WH/DH than I ever do DE.