Friday, 8 January 2010

Slaanesh Chaos Sorcerer WIP

Ever since I saw Christian Byrne's snake bodied Slaanesh Lord in WD a while ago, I wanted to do one myself. As a change from painting Nurgle stuff and as I want to use it in a future tournament, I thought I'd put a Slaanesh model together and so it was a perfect opportunity to do the worm/snake body.

The worm body looks a bit fat in place, so I'll sand some of that off to make it a bit smoother. I'm not sure what detail (if any) to add to the worm body though, whether I should leave it smooth or put some scales on it or something. The whip is taken from a VC corpse cart and goes pretty well with the Lash of Submission power he will ineviatbly be using.

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