Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Warpstone Flux June Contest

This month's Warpstone Flux contest is a real tough one:

Mission Briefing:
There are 7 plague marines to kill. One of them is a plague champion (i.e. has an extra attack) wielding a power fist. Two of them have melta guns instead of bolters. They are inside ruins (cover save = 4+). Their in game points value is 221 points.

On the other hand, you have as many or as few points to spend as you like, as follows:
(1) You may choose any codex.
(2) This is not a standard mission. You are only permitted to choose up to 2 different units, but must abide by the minimum number of models regulations. (e.g. chaos space marines must have at least 5 models in a unit; you cannot field two unique models ... e.g. having 2 Abaddons; etc.).

The scenario lasts for 3 turns. The turn sequence of events works like this:
(1) Your team enters play within 12 inches of the plague marines and may shoot at the plague marines as if they have already moved (no charging in to close combat however). If you're shooting ranged blasts or templates, then you may only cover half of them (i.e. 4 at maximum) if your shot is on target.
(2) The remainder of the plague marines rapid fire your team (no cover saves!) with their bolters (they're not within charging range) and their melta guns (if still alive). If you're fielding two units, then they choose to shoot at the unit that would inflict the most harm on them (they might belong to Nurgle, but their minds are still intelligent and sharp).
(3) On your team's second turn (and the third and last turn of this scenario), you may proceed as normal: you may shoot a second time and/or charge in to close combat.

It's taken me a day or two to come up with something reasonable for this. There's some really good entries already (so IG, a Nid one etc). I played around with some figures on a couple of options. I initially looked at a Daemon Prince with the Wind of Chaos power, which looked fairly reasonable, but the first turn when you can't charge meant all the killing had to be done in one turn. I also considered the 20 Battle Sisters with a Palatine option which a couple of people have also done to give 2 Divine Guidance rounds of shooting but again I was looking at probably nailing about 4 PMs over the two turns.

Having looked back over my last few games with my own Plague Marines, one game which stood out in terms of rapid Plague Marine death was a game against Eldar a couple of weeks ago when I got roundly thrashed. Towards the end of that game, 1 squad of Plague Marines got wiped out in a turn by a unit of Fire Dragons (S8, AP1 fusion guns mean no armour save, no FnP and wounding on 2+), so I decided to go with that as my entry. Accompanied by an Exarch who's Crack Shot ability lets him ignore cover saves means I think this is a pretty mean solution:

9 Eldar Fire Dragons, accompanied by an Exarch with Crack Shot (177 points).

Round 1:
Exarch uses Crack shots, he hits on 2+, wounds on 2+ with a reroll, target gets no cover save and no FnP (AP1) = 1 dead PM
9 Fire Dragons, 6 hits, 5 wounds (rounding off), cover saves give 2.5 dead = 2 dead PMs

Round 2:
2 Melta guns fire back, 1.32 hits, 1 dead Eldar
2 Bolters rapid fire, 2.64 hits, 0.87 dead Eldar, so 1 more Eldar dead

Round 3:
Exarch uses Crack shots, he hits on 2+, wounds on 2+ with a reroll, target gets no cover save and no FnP (AP1) = 1 dead PM
7 Fire Dragons, 4.62 hits, 3.83 wounds, 1.91 dead PM = 2 dead PM

Final Score= 2 dead Eldar, 6 dead Plague Marines.

29.5 points per casualty.

In unrelated news, my painting table is full of primed miniatures ready for painting, so over the next few weeks I'll be starting on:
-10 Battle Sisters
-1 Nurgle Dreadnought
-7 Chosen of Nurgle
-1 Urban War Amazonia Decurion now with a weapon swap into a Death Cult Assassin
-1 Torturer for my Inquisitor's Retinue (no pics as yet, he's a flagellant with a hood and an apron, he's ended up looking a bit like the Scarecrow from Batman Begins)
-1 Urban War Myrmillon
-1 AoBR Ork Nob (free with WD, thought I might as well paint it)

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