Tuesday, 16 June 2009

40k Radio Freebootaz Webzine: New issue out now

The new issue of the Freeboota magazine is now available for download from the 40k Radio site, so go over and take a look. I'm a Freeboota myself (Tigerstyle on the forums) and I know that the guys that work on the magazine do a crap ton of work to get it to the high quality state it is so support them by downloading it and giving it a read.

If you aren't a Freeboota, then I would highly recommend you consider becoming one. The 40k Radio Freeboota forum is a great forum without all the unenjoyable things you get on other forums. Everyone is a great help to each other, and supportive of everyones efforts in the hobby. On top of that you get extra content and support the alway enjoyable 40k Radio show.

In other news, I'm putting some final touches to my unit of Chaos Chosen as I won't get anything done next week. I'll also be putting up a review/overview of a new boardgame I've just got (expect that tomorrow probably), and I'll be gaming tomorrow night so there should be a battle report towards the end of the week.

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