Sunday, 31 May 2009

Urban Mammoth mini has arrived

Following on from my earlier post about Urban Mammoth miniatures, I went ahead and ordered one of the Amazonia Decurion gladiators. It arrived today in it's blister. It's supplied with a round edged base. I'm going to convert this one to a Death Cult Assassin.

Here a picutre of it next to a GW Inquisitor Acolyte:
You can see from the picture (ignore the base she's on, it was the first one that came to hand), the figure is a similar size to the acolyte. It's also a very clean miniature, with hardly any mold lines. I'm looking forward to painting this one.

Eek over at Heroes of Armageddon knows alot about Urban Mammoth and the Urban War game, and I read his recent post about an Urban War battle report which introduces the principles of the game. I'm actually really interested in the game having seen the miniatures and read up a little, so I downloaded the rule book from the Urban Mammoth site. I haven't finished reading it yet, but it look interesting. The game also looks quite reasonably priced to get started with as well, as being a skirmish level game you don't need a ton of miniatures.


Anonymous said...

Good choice of mini, I've got one of her in one of the strike-teams I use for demo games, she paints up really well.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, I missed your earlier comment on the introductory post but I've answered the questions you asked there. :)