Thursday, 14 May 2009

New race musings

I'm sure you saw the news a couple of days ago on Bell of Lost Souls about a new race for either Fantasy or 40k. An interesting development, new stuff is always good.

However, thinking on this, do we really need a new race? Let's assume for a minute it is a 40K race (rumours I've heard from other sources like Warseer say it's going to be a Fantasy race anyway). Is it possible for GW to justify development time on a new race when existing factions languish in forgotten obscurity. There are so many current and existing Codex's which are in need of an update, would it not be better for GW to focus development time on updating Dark Eldar, Daemonhunters, Space Wolves, Necrons, Witch Hunters etc?

Games Workshop want to sell miniatures, and I suppose that a new race is more likely to sell more minis than a Codex update, but conversely it's alot more work to start an entirely new faction.

In an ideal world, I would like GW to:
-Update existing 3rd edition Codex to bring them in line with other updated Codexs
-Put more effort into timely and accurate FAQs and errata
-Bring back Chapter Approved, great fluff and army lists here
-Perhaps introduce variant lists such as used to appear Chapter Approved. I'd buy a load of IG models if they were to update the Lost and the Damned list for example. I can't see this would be a huge use of resources. Writing some mini-dex for CSM Legion's (like we had in the old Codex) wouldn't be that hard.
-...and at this point introduce new factions. Once you've got your existing house in order, at this point you can start adding new things to it.

Ultimately, perhaps the entire Codex system is just wrong. It must be incredibly difficult to balance all Codexes against each other. Trying to balance the new IG codex for example, against Codexes which are 7 years out of date for example can't be easy. Is there an alternative? Well, GW manages without individual faction lists for Lord of the Rings for example (they've got Legions of Middle Earth, though they do have army books as well, I understand Legions of Middle Earth is used for tournaments) with all army lists in one book so they know how to do it. Privateer Press don't use individual faction books for Warmachine either, though I understand they might be changing this in the future.

Just some random thoughts. As for the new race, I'd like either Adeptus Mechanicus or Squats.

I guess the final thing to remember is that this new race is likely to be a long, long way in the future if indeed it ever happens.


jabberjabber said...

I reckon an easy way to add in an extra race that won't cause too much pain is to tag them on to the growing Tau Empire (like Kroot or Vespids).
Or perhaps some genestealer hybrids(!!!)
But yes - the old codexes need updates urgently.

Master Darksol said...

I had heard that the new race was NOT going to be another human offshoot (so no Ad Mech) ... and I seriously doubt they're bringing the squats back. I'd vote for the Demiurg. FW has models for Demiurg ships in BFG...