Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Rules I forget

Warhammer 40K is a complicated game, with rules spread over the main rule book, a dozen Codexes, FAQs, errata and so on. It's easy to forget a rule that might be to your advantage, or equally to your disadvantage. Here's some that frequently slip my mind (and my opponents):

  • Ordnance weapons roll 2D6 for armour penetration and pick the highest.
  • If a blast marker hole is over a vehicle it hits the armour facing the firer, unless its a barrage weapon in which case it hits the top
  • If the blast marker hole is not over the vehicle, the weapon is half strength
  • Plague Marines have blight grenades, which are defensive grenades
  • Assaulting into difficult terrain needs a test, and they fight at I1 unless they've got assault grenades
  • Chaos Rhinos can have two firers from the top hatch (CSM FAQ)
  • WH/DH psychic hoods have an unlimited range, unlike Space Marine psychic hoods
  • Chapter Master Orbital Bombardments scattered 2D6" and can't be used if they've moved
What other rules do you forget, or need reminding of?


eriochrome said...

I find that by following the warseer rules boards I generally have the best knowledge of the rules in my group as long as it is not a codex that I do not own.

Other rules to note:

Measuring area affects for people in transports from the hull. Makes that 12 in range more like 15.

Combat squads are split during deployment so you cannot place on part and reserve the other or for scouts infiltrate 1 and outflank the other.

Anonymous said...

I also spend too much time on the Warseer Rules forum... it's good for spotting those odd situations or reminding you of the basic rules.

The biggest problem I have is remembering rules specific to an edition. There's been times where I think I can (or can't) do something because of a rule that isn't in 5th.

I found a great tool is to have a "cheat sheet", especially when a new edition comes out. (Okay, so I actually call it something much more colloquial that's not proper ettiquette to repeat online...) Any time you come across something that makes you go "hunh, I didn't realize that", add it to the cheat sheet. Include a page reference. Then have that sheet on hand during a game. Give it a glance-over during your opponent's deployment or movement. It really helps. (This equally applies to core rules and army-specific rules...)