Saturday, 8 August 2009

Battle Report: New Units

I haven't played any Warhammer 40K for about four weeks, as I've been busy at work and some other stuff. This week though, Wednesday to be exact, I did manage to get along to my local club. I've only missed three weeks, but I felt like a total stranger, the club has absolultey exploded in size in that time, which is really great. There was about 8 tables of 40K running, two Fantasy, a Necromunda campaign and quite a few people painting. They've even expanded into a second room. Anyway, all good stuff. I got a game in against a guy I played on my very first visit (on that first visit, there was one 40K table, one Fantasy a game of Dark Heresy on) who is a great opponent and it was a really fun game.

I'm not going to go into detail much on the battle, just a quick summary, as I want to talk about a couple of new units. It was Annhilation with Dawn of War setup. My list was my all new one with my Nurgle Chosen and Dreadnought. He plays Nurgle CSM's as well, with his list featuring, amongst other things two Land Raiders carrying a squad of terminators and a squad of Bezerkers. It was a really good game and in the end I lost with five kill points to his six.

So this was the first outing for two new units in this list: Chosen and a Dreadnought. I wanted to cover a little bit how I felt each unit did in this game.

Chosen: Awesome. Pure awesome. My opponent deployed two Land Raiders on his base line close to one table edge. I outflanked with my Chosen, who are in a rhino, have an Icon of Nurgle, 3 flamers and two meltaguns. They came in on exactly the side I wanted them, and then immobilized and exploded a Land Raider. The resulting explosion killed a Bezerker who was in the Land Raider. They followed this up by destroying the rest of the Khorne Bezerkers (8 in total) and two terminators. They almost popped the second Land Raider in turn 7 but I missed with the roll. Had they done this, the game would have been a draw. I would consider a second unit of these.

Dreadnought: This unit turned out to be more fun than effective. The first two turns he acted normally, but turn 3 he went into a blood frenzy and charged out of the cover he was in. Next turn he blood frenzied again, only this time my opponents Daemon Prince had moved much closer and proved to be in range (the Dreadnought is fleet when he is blood frenzied). He took a wound from the daemon prince and tied it up for a turn. All in all, he was fun, and I definitely run him again.

Naturally, I'm already planning further tweaks to the list, but I want at least five games with this list before any changes happen.

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