Friday, 14 August 2009

Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines VS Orks

I had another fun game this week, this time taking on Orks in a 1500 point battle. Last time I played this army (albeit at a smaller points level) I got stomped flat, but I'd taken some lessons from that encounter.

The mission was seize ground with 4 objectives, with a spearhead deployment.

My list was my current one:
HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime (175)
Elites: Dreadnought with multi-melta (100)
Elites: 7 Chosen, Icon of Nurgle, 3 flamers, 2 melta guns, rhino (246)

Troops: 7 Plague Marines inc Aspiring Champion with power fist, meltagun, flamer, rhino (251)
Troops: 7 Plague Marines inc Aspiring Champion with power fist, meltagun, plasma gun (226)
Troops: 7 Plague Marines inc Aspiring Champion with power fist, meltagun, plasma gun (226)

Heavy Support: Defiler (150)
Heavy Support: Vindicator (125)
Total: 1499

The Ork list was roughly:
Ghazghkull Thraka accompanied by 4 Meganobs in a trukk
5 Nobz in a trukk
Big Mek with a Shokk Attack gun
20 Boyz including a big shoota
20 Boyz including a rokkit launcher
3 Deffkoptas
Zagstruck and 5 Storm Boyz
1 Battlewagon
1 Deff Dread

The Orks won the roll to go first and elected to do so. The objectives were close to each baseline. I'd placed mine as close together as possible so I could have units on both objectives supporting each other. I also deployed them a little more forward than I have previously (took a tip from Goatboy talking on 40K Radio a few weeks back) and placed them where I wanted my units to move to rather than where I wanted them to start. The other two were in the Ork deployment zone at opposite sides of that zone.

He deployed a unit of Boyz, the Battlewagon and the Deff Dred close to one objective. The second unit of Boyz and the Shokk Attack Gun were defending the other objective, with the Deffkoptas and two trukks in front of them ready to advance.

My deployment was as close to the edge of my deployment zone as I could and in cover, ready to advance on the two objectives I'd placed. I actually won the roll to steal the initative, and I elected to take it. I'd read the advice of Fritz at Way of Saim-Hann that you're better going second on objective based games and I absolutley agree, but there was so many Orks bunched up together I couldn't resit going first with the intention of dropping large blasts on them from my Vindicator and Defiler. I'd also hoped to pop Ghazghkull's truk, forcing him to walk across the table with his slow and purposeful Meganobz.

Early turns: My Vindicator and Defiler moved up to fire on the big cluster of Boyz, Deffkoptas and trukks. Due to scatter issues, and my Vindicator being out of range of the trukks and so having to fire at the Deffkoptas, I managed to kill two Deffkoptas and 6 or so Boyz, but still not too shabby. My Plague Marines moved up to take the two objectives I'd placed, and they spent the rest of the game getting there and then defending them.
As I'd failed to pop Ghazghkull's trukk, it sped forward. It's occupants jumped out and proceeded to attack my Vindicator, immoblizing it and destroying its Demolisher cannon. In my subsequent turn, the Defiler charged Ghazghkull and his Mega Nobz, and over the next 4 turns destroyed the Mega Nobz and locked Ghazghkull in combat. My opponent was rolling pretty badly, so my Defiler was fortunate enough to last that long. By the time this was over Ghazghkull was too far away to do anything more (and I'd destroyed his trukk by then).

Mid-Game: The Boyz and Battlewagon heading towards my left flank rolled forward a bit but weren't doing much, I guess they were sticking around to hold the objective at the end. My Chosen turned up on turn 3 and rocked yet again. They opened by wrecking the Battlewagon from the relative safety of the Rhino. Next turn, they blew up the Deff Dread, leaving that flank protected only by one mob of Boyz.
In the centre, the other trukk with the Nobz in it attempted to ram my dreadnought (a bad idea in my opinion). The dread performed a death or glory attack and destroy the trukk forcing the Nobz out. In my turn, my Daemon Prince and Dreadnought ripped them apart, killing two, reducing the others to one wound each and routing them.

End-game: My Chosen jumped out of their rhino and destroyed about 15 Boyz with their flamers, followed by the remainder of the squad in the following turn. His Storm Boyz eventually turned up, but got turned over in assault by some nearby Plague Marines. In the centre, my dreadnought went into a blood frenzy, and charged and destroyed the last deffkopta. In the final turn my Chosen ran over to the objective closest to them (one of the two in the Ork deployment quarter), but not being troops they couldn't hold it anyway but it felt staisfying. The final tally was I held two objectives to his one.

A good game. I had some pretty good luck, and my opponent seemed to be rolling really badly. Gazghkull was well contained by the Defiler and should have destroyed him quickly, with his huge number of attacks, high WS and S10 but it took way too many turns.

The Chosen were awesome again in this battle, I would seriously consider a second squad of these in a future list.

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jabberjabber said...

Good game! You know, the more I listen to people talking about the benefits of Chosen, the more I think I should be trying them out more often...