Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Vallejo Black Primer tryout

I road tested a new black primer last night, the Vallejo Black Primer spray. I'd use the white version twice before on the rare occasions I prime anything white, and my usual GW Chaos Black spray had run out, so I thought I'd give it a try.

The cost of the spary was a bit cheaper than the Games Workshop spray (mine was £7 or so from Maelstrom Games) and it's actually designed as a primer rather than just being spray paint. I tried the primer out on two Rhinos and two human size minis, and the results were OK. The paint seems pretty thin and the spray is light which gives decent coverage without going on too thick. It also dries really quickly as well, it was touchable within a few minutes of spraying. I tend to leave undercoated minis overnight anyway, but it's a nice bonus.

One thing I would say about it was that on my first attempt, the primer seemed very watery and didn't cover the model that well, especially on the sides on the tanks. I suspect that I hadn't shaken it enough. The can says shake for one minute, which I thought I had, but possibly not. I gave one of the rhinos a second coat after a good long shake of the can which covered better, although of course, now it's a little thick in a couple of places. All trial and error really.

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Tristan said...

FYI.. Heard nothing but bad things about the Armoury black primer. Thanks for the review.