Friday, 17 April 2009

New IG models: I've seen some!

Dropped into my local GW yesterday lunch time, and they've got some new Imperial Guard models on display as well as the Codex.

They weren't letting anyone see it until Saturday when they are doing a preview day so I can't comment on the contents.

They had a built Valkyrie on the counter and it is a sweet looking model. The clear plastic canopy comes in two pieces: one clear plastic piece and the frame for the canopy is seperate so you can paint the frame without mucking up the clear plastic canopy. Conversion possibilites are good with this, you could easily Ork-ify it into a Fighta Bomba. It has two crew members in the cockpit. Wing span on the thing is about 7" or so (might be wrong but about that) so its a fair size. Retail is £35, which is the same as a Land Raider IIRC.

Cadian and Catachan Command Squads
They had built examples of both these. The Catachan ones still have big arms, but I don't think they're as big as they used to be so they look slightly better (I thought the old Catachan's were horrible models). They had the Cadian one painted up and its pretty decent looking kit. I was hoping to use the medic in an Inquisitor retinue, but having seen one built it doesn't look all that much like a medic (maybe the paint job, it needed some red crosses on it perhaps). The one they had built was holding a roll of bandages which at first glance I thought was a map.

Lord Comissar
They didn't actually have one of these, but it was mentioned that the model may be a direct only model (i.e. you won't be able to buy it in stores). Given it may be a blister and most GW stores have hardly any blisters these days, this makes sense.

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