Sunday, 26 April 2009

Completed Inquisitor Familiars and other stuff

Finally got round to spray undercoating my Inquisitor and his retinue at the end of last week, and I managed to get a bit of time in Friday evening and this afternoon to get some of it painted. I thought I'd do the familiars first as they were small and quick to do. Here they are:

I really didn't like the little stick things the servo skulls came on, so I thought I'd cover them up with a scroll like the cherubim is holding. Unfortunatley, my green stuff work was a bit poor and it went on a bit thick so they look more like they're holding blankets than scrolls, so I'm going to pretend they're banners instead. The bases have been done in the standard ash waste style the rest of the army (and my Chaos army) uses.

Now I suck royally at free hand. I briefly considered trying to do some on these banners, but really for someone who sucks at it trying to do it on an uneven surface it was just a recipe for disaster. I did dare to have a go at an Inquisition symbol on one of the servo skull banners (the one that says REPENT at the top), which I blocked out in paint and then tidied up the edges. The writing on each scroll has turned out really well, I like the look of it, but naturally I "cheated" at this and used a micro art pen with a 0.5mm tip (about £2 in my local art shop, they even do green and red ones) but when you're trying to produce a good miniature you've got to use all the tools available to you to get a good finish.

The village I live in had what amounted to a massive village wide garage sale on Saturday, and I managed to pick up a Necron Nightbringer (boxed as new), and a box of 10 Chaos Space Marines for £10 (£35 in the shops), so that was a bargain. I've also ordered some minis from ebay and Wayland Games, so here's the run down on what my forthcoming projects are:

-Chaos Chosen: With my order from Wayland and the stuff I bought from the garage sale, I've got about 16 CSM's ready to go. The first seven will be a unit of Chaos Chosen of Nurgle with 5 special weapons.
-Chaos Dreadnought: I bought an AoBR dreadnought from ebay, so this will be converted up into a plasma cannon toting Nurgle dreadnought.
-Battle Sister Squad: Finally getting my act together and starting to paint the troops for my WH army, so I've order a box of these (nice and cheap actually).
-Nightbringer: This is at the back of the queue, but he'll be converted up into a Nurgle Daemon Prince for either my CSM's (though I already have 2 HQ choices there) or a future all Nurgle Daemon army.

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Mike Howell said...

The cherub freaks me out. Great work!