Sunday, 19 April 2009

Completed Nurgle Sorcerer

I posted some WIP of my Nurgle Sorcerer a week or two back. I've finally managed to fit some time into actually getting the painting finished on it:

The colour scheme was done to fit in with the rest of the army, although I'm starting to wish I never included purple in it.

Nothing too spectacular or unusual about the paintjob, mostly drybrushed. I put patches of various washes at the end once the drybrushing was completed to make the green look a little less even.

The rust effect on the bolter was done by:

-Boltgun Metal base
-Badab Black wash
-Snakebite Leather, Blazing Orange, Chaos Black (about 1:1:0.25 mix) as a wash
-Drybrush of Boltgun Metal

It's come out OK for a rust effect.

In terms of running him in a list, well I don't think he will be getting a spot in the 1500 point list and probably not at 1750. For the kit, he's obviously got the Terminator armour upgrade, plus Mark of Nurgle and probably Nurgle's Rot (or possible Wind of Chaos).


Cawshis Clay said...

great work! I love the face on the sorcerer...right away, my eyes were drawn to the big eye that is wonderfully detailed!

RonSaikowski said...

I love the face on this guy as well.
Nice job.

Hephesto said...

Superb work mate, very old school Nurglesque!

jabberjabber said...

This model really takes me back to the Rogue Trader era - I like the face of the model and the large singular horn protruding from the top of the skull!

Farske said...

I love the nurgle sorc. Very cool.
Like the rust and the eye rocks!

Used the magnets with anything yet mate?

Chris said...


Yep, used them on my Inquisitor, who I've just come in from spray undercoating. He's here:

Thanks for the pointers on a supplier for the magnets, I've bought two lots from them :)