Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I played a game....

Unusual for me I know, but I actually played a game. Unfortunately, it wasn't 40K. I made a visit to my local wargaming club, clutching my lovingly painted CSM's, only to discover most people hated 40K. Of tables playing, all but one were running Warhammer Ancient Battles (the other was Battlefleet Gothic in case you're wondering). One of the guys there was kind enough to let me use a few units in his army for WAB. I had fun playing but obviously I'd have preffered 40K.
WAB itself uses Warhammer Fantasy rules (6th edition from what I could gather), which is a ruleset I have a vague familiarity with. For me, it was Fantasy without the good bits, you know like monsters, magic, magic items, flyers, stuff like that, as I prefer the Fantasy setting to a real world setting. It was also quite slow paced, but I'm not sure if that was the game or just the way we were playing it.

There's another club in a different town I going to try next to see if they've got more 40K going on as a pick up games (my job doesn't allow me to schedule games three weeks in advance). Failing that, there's always my local GW's games night.

I'm not going to be starting a WAB army, if I was going to pick up a new game, it'd probably be one of these in roughly this order:

-Warmachine: I hear the rules are great, and the miniatures are beautiful, and the cost is reasonable compared to GW products (main Prime:Remix rulebook in softback for £12 for example)
-Hordes: see Warmachine
-Necromunda: great background, cheap entry point, RPG like flavourings
-Fantasy: I love the Ogre Kingdom models

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cncplyr said...

Interesting. I always wanted to start a necromunda gang, but never had anyone to play against :(