Friday, 25 July 2008

This week

I've managed to do a few hobby related things this week, despite being stupidly busy at work.

Painting wise, I managed to find time to base up my Seraphim. With the true LOS rules in 5th, I probably should have done them crouching or something but hell I like the mini as it is. I've also undercoated a squad of Plague Marines and a Rhino ready to start on this weekend.

I had a long drive on Wednesday so on the way I caught up with a couple of pod casts. The Drop Pod Cast have a new edition dedicated to 40k 5th Edition which is quite good. They've changed the shows format over the last couple of editions and I think it is much improve. I also managed to catch up on a edition of This Week in Wargaming (3rd episode) I'd downloaded a couple of weeks ago. Not much 40k related as it's pretty much dedicated to Hordes and Warmachines but this ones always an interesting listen. I notice on the site this morning they've got a new edition out as well.

I've finished reading the 5th Edition rule book last night and it is rocking. I think the new rules are a vast improvement on 4th Edition, and the background section is really, really good. I don't think the hobby section is quite as good as 4th edition though but I didn't really buy the book to learn how to paint miniatures.

I've also read the new issue of Firebase magazine, superb as always. It's like White Dwarf used to be when I started out in the hobby.

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