Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Nurgle Daemon Prince: Now with Wings!

Finally got round to getting the wings finished on my daemon prince, here's how he looks now:

They've turned OK I suppose, I'd rather not had to have added them on but if I ever want him to be effective on the tabletop he's going to need them. He was never designed with wings in mind, hence I had to do that slight rubbish "bursting out of his cloak" look.

The wings themselves are from a Tomb Kings carrion which I got relatively cheaply off ebay. I bulked the length of the wings out with green stuff to make them a bit bigger. Painting wise they're pretty simple. They're based with Catachan Green, then washed 3-4 times with Catachan Green and Chaos Black (about 2:1 mix of so). After that they were drybrushed with Catachan Green and Bleached Bone all the way up to pure Bleached Bone. The feathers had an extra drybrush, very lightly with Skull White. Finally, I glazed the bandages/skin bits on the wings with Chestnut Ink to pick them out a bit.

My new green stuff finally arrived on Saturday so I've made some progress with my Nurgle rhino. It's ready for painting now really. I've also put some green stuff detail on my SOB canoness as well, which I'm still not sure if really good enough for such a well sculpted model.

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