Monday, 4 August 2008

Spending spree!

It was my birthday last week, so I've spent the cash I got on some new paints and minis.

Firstly, I bought a Chaos Vindicator to round out my 1500 point list for CSMs. For my Witch Hunter army, I bought the Inquisitor Coteaz box set and I really, really like the Lord model. I've also picked up a few bits from bitzbox to convert the Inq Lord. I'm going to drop the eagle and hammer he comes with an substitue it with a power sword and combi-weapon or something similar. I may add some green stuff to his head, I'm thinking an eye patch would be cool :)

I've also bought some new paints, including the new GW wash set. I have tried them out before in a GW store , and I really like them. They gather in a much nicer way than the old inks, and you get less of the tide mark effect you got with the old ones. I've also bought some Vallejo white primer. I'm intending to prime my SOB in white and then wash with Devlan Mud from the wash set to provide deep shading and black lining, something I'd normally get from a black undercoat.

I've also picked up the first 7 books in the Horus Heresy series as they were well cheap on

Painting wise, I've put a couple of coats on my CSM rhino, which have come out a bit too thick really. I've also finished an Imperial Priest which is a test figure for my WH army. I've got some photos of him but the photos suck, whereas the painting is not that bad really. Once I can wrangle a decent photo from my camera I'll post it up.

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