Tuesday, 30 March 2010

WIP Gun Servitors

I'm hoping to acutally get a game in with my Witch Hunters this week, but I was short of two gun servitors for the list I wanted to use.

Last night, I went on a bitz box raid and threw together some bitz to make some cheap and easy gun servitors:

They're still WIP, as I'm going to add some tubes and other gubbins with green stuff later. These were a fairly easy kit bash using bitz from the Empire flagellant sprues, Immolator and zombie sprues, plus a few other bitz I found.

Easy stuff, plus it saves a few quid on paying the price of the GW servitors.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Completed Doomsday Device of Nurgle

Towards the end of last year I built a Doomsday Device (WIP pictures and some info on what I was trying to do with the model) for a club apocalypse game. You can read about that game in the battle report, but generally the Doomsday Device was pretty awesome thanks for my lucky rolling to activate it on turn 1 and then not roll for it to blow up....

Anyway, for that game, I wanted a super heavy done quickly and cheaply and that's where this came in. I hadn't really been planning on painting it this week, it just kind of happened. I started on it so I was actually do something whilst waiting for a wash to dry on some Plague Marines I'm just working on.

In the event the painting didn't take that long, mainly because I pretty much drybrushed the thing.

(Spawn shown for scale)

The whole thing was drybrushed with the three shades of green in the foundation range, with the darkest first. I then stippled some browns to break it up and bit, then gave the whole thing a light Bleached Bone drybrush.

The boils where done with Warlock Purple, then Tentacle Pink.

Metal was done using my standard rust method which I've used before (details in my post on my Nurgle Dread).

I'm hoping to play in an Apocalypse game with the UK Freebootaz over summer, so inevitably the Doomsday Device will be coming out then.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Busy building

As you might have guessed from the lack of posts around here recently, I've been working away alot.

I've been spending a stupid amount of time sat by myself in hotel rooms thanks to the great job I have (I'm just living the dream)....

It has meant that, whilst I don't get to see my wife and kids very much, I do get to build miniatures. I don't much like painting in hotel rooms as most of the time the light is too poor to do anything, but building and converting minis is fine. I've built an Immolator, plus 24 Ogre Gnoblars. I also put together a SoB Exorcist I got for Christmas last week. It's one of those old skool kits where you get metal parts to attach to a plastic part (the Exorcist I'm using is the standard GW one).

Basically the kit is the Immolator, plus the metal work for the pipe organ and decor. In keeping with all SoB models, there's a ridiculous amount of flash to clean off the thing. Helpfully, GW don't include the instructions in the box on how to build it, presumably they expect you to pray to the Emporer or use His holy tarot in order to work out how to do it.

Constructing the Immolator was easy, it's a Rhino with a couple of extra bitz for the doors and the top. It's the big bag of metal work which is more difficult. Fortunately I found this guide on Dakka Dakka.

Very useful, it takes you through the process, including pictures.

One tip if you're building one of these, get some decent superglue. There's no way I'd attempt to build this with GW superglue. Second tip, be prepared to bend, file and cajole the thing to fit, and once you get it together, be prepared to fill the massive gaps in the metal.

I also managed to get a copy of the Dark Heresy Core rulebook on ebay quite cheaply (alot cheaper than the recommended anyway), so I'm in the process of reading that and hopefully getting a session in for it.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bought a new Codex

You know when you really shouldn't be thinking about starting a new army, because you're strapped for time, resources, and cash, but then you go and buy a new Codex?

Well, I picked up the Chaos Daemons Codex yesterday.

My current Witch Hunters force is on hold slightly anyway at around 1200 points, since GW have witdrawn the basic Battle Sister box set, so I've got to have something else to do to go along with my CSMs....

Since I've already got two Nurgle Daemon Princes all done, plus 40 Plague Zombies (20 painted, 20 boxed) to use as counts-as Plague Bearers, I've got the start of a force already. A great daemon I could also double up for use in my CSM army aswell.

Now to read the Codex and start thinking about some lists. I really wish GW would hurry up and release some plastic Plaguebearers.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Nurgle Daemon Prince: Completed

It's generally pretty rare that I get to paint much at the weekend, but yesterday was an exception. I got about 3 hours to my self, a perfect opportunity to finish my second Nurgle Daemon Prince:

I've blogged before on the stippling method I used for the wings, and I'm quite pleased with them. In addition to the method I used in the post, I also added a wash of Devlan Mud close to the finger part.

I'm also quite pleased with the layering on the cloth at the bottom of the body (it looks a bit better in reality, a bit more defined):

I got some Liquitex Flow-Aid and Slow-Dri before Christmas and they were really useful for the cloth, and I used the slow-dri to keep the paint wet on the palette for longers whilst I applied it to the model (you could use a wet palette to better affect as well).

What I'm not happy with yet are the eyes. I don't much like for the conversion of them, the intentionally uneven nature of them doesn't look that great, plus the colour choice is wrong. I tried yellow on them first and that didn't look right either. I possible might break out the green stuff again and change it around.