Monday, 1 March 2010

Nurgle Daemon Prince: Completed

It's generally pretty rare that I get to paint much at the weekend, but yesterday was an exception. I got about 3 hours to my self, a perfect opportunity to finish my second Nurgle Daemon Prince:

I've blogged before on the stippling method I used for the wings, and I'm quite pleased with them. In addition to the method I used in the post, I also added a wash of Devlan Mud close to the finger part.

I'm also quite pleased with the layering on the cloth at the bottom of the body (it looks a bit better in reality, a bit more defined):

I got some Liquitex Flow-Aid and Slow-Dri before Christmas and they were really useful for the cloth, and I used the slow-dri to keep the paint wet on the palette for longers whilst I applied it to the model (you could use a wet palette to better affect as well).

What I'm not happy with yet are the eyes. I don't much like for the conversion of them, the intentionally uneven nature of them doesn't look that great, plus the colour choice is wrong. I tried yellow on them first and that didn't look right either. I possible might break out the green stuff again and change it around.


John Lambshead said...

A truly evil looking so-in-so, well done.

Farthestgoose said...

This is a great mini. I may attempt to rip off your technique for painting wings for my gargoyles.