Tuesday, 30 March 2010

WIP Gun Servitors

I'm hoping to acutally get a game in with my Witch Hunters this week, but I was short of two gun servitors for the list I wanted to use.

Last night, I went on a bitz box raid and threw together some bitz to make some cheap and easy gun servitors:

They're still WIP, as I'm going to add some tubes and other gubbins with green stuff later. These were a fairly easy kit bash using bitz from the Empire flagellant sprues, Immolator and zombie sprues, plus a few other bitz I found.

Easy stuff, plus it saves a few quid on paying the price of the GW servitors.


HOTpanda said...

Spot on with the servitors. I myself having been thinking about how to model up my Inquisitors two Mystics and his Familiar. Thanks for helping my metal juices to flow a little bit faster.

jabberjabber said...

These servitors are inspirational -- nice and simple, yet the communicate exactly what the miniature should be all about. Nice work!

Chris said...

Thanks guys. I've added some green stuff to them to tidy them up (mainly the one with the zombie head), so I'll post some pics when they get painted.