Friday, 7 May 2010

Ogre Characters WIP Part 1

Having completed my last lot of primed 40K miniatures last week, I thought it was time I got to work on the Ogre Battalion box set I got for Christmas. I'm in two minds as to whether I'm actually going to play any games of Fantasy before 8th Edition, given I don't know the 7th Edition rules that well, I think I might as well just wait and learn the new rules along with everyone else.

Anyway, my Ogre army is about 1000 points or a little over, and I've got 4 Bulls, 4 Ironguts, 4 Leadbelchers and 30 Gnoblars built. They just need a final clean-up, gap filling and basing.

For the characters, I'm converting a spare Bull into a Bruiser and a second Bull into a Butcher. The Butcher is still not completed, but here's the Bruiser:

This was mostly kit bashed from the contents of the Battalion box, plus a couple of Ork shoulders I found in my bitz box. I tried to build him so he could be reasonably interpreted as having a few different magic items depending on how I field him (Gut Maw, Greedy Fist, Greyback Pelt etc). After I'd put him together, I glanced at the cover of the army book and realised I'd subconciously built something similar to the Ogre Tyrant on the cover....

The cloak is from a Chaos Terminator Lord with fur added using green stuff to make him stand out more from the average Bull:

I'm quite pleased with the effect of the fur, and hopefully it will look convincing when it's painted up.

It's pretty simple to do:

-Lay greenstuff over the area you want to make furry. It's need to be reasonably thick to take the marks you're going to put in it, so maybe 2mm or so.
-Smooth it out, it doesn't need to be prefect just flatter. I used the round end of the standard GW sculpting tool.
-Using something pointed, work around the fur in a line pulling the green stuff downwards to look like fur. I used this tool for this part:

It's basically a pointy blade on a stick, but use whatever you've got which is similar.
-At the edges of the fur, pull the GS apart a little as you mark it to look more fur like.

I'm looking forward to painting this one. I'll share picture of the Butcher when he's done.


HOTpanda said...

Ogres are simple fantastic models to work with. YOu have done them justice with this model. Your green stuff work for the fur cloak is top notch.

Any idea on how you are going to paint your Ogres?

Kuffeh said...

This guy looks great! I like the covering of the face, its a great conversion. I agree with Panda on the fur, nice work - it adds a little bit extra to the mini.

Chris said...

Thanks for the compliments, I enjoyed converting this one.

@HP - Not 100% sure on the colour scheme yet. Probably the standard GW style grey skin, then maybe cold blues for the clothes (shadow grey sort of thing), with a warmer red as an accent. For the warpaint, either White or yellow, there's a couple of examples in the army book I might use.